Category Other
Rarity(s) Rare
Version 1.51.0
XM Cost 0 XM
Recycle Value 80 XM

A Capsule is a container that holds other items. They can be used to organize items and operate on them in bulk. Any item, except for a Capsule, can be placed within a Capsule.

Capsules can hold up to 100 items. The items within, as well as the Capsule itself, count towards the agent's Inventory Cap. Items inside a Capsule are not included in the item category sums in the Inventory screen.

While Capsules are listed as Rare, they have a far lower drop rate than Rare Mods. Community studies have estimated the drop rate to be approximately 1 in 4,000 item rolls.

Items remain inside a dropped Capsule. Other agents can pick up the Capsule and acquire the items, which simplifies donating and exchanging gear.

Note that attempting to pick up a Capsule with insufficient inventory space will play the "pick up" sound effect and show the animation, but the Capsule will remain on the ground with no feedback given.

Recycling a Capsule also recycles every item it contains, adding the total XM to the agent's XM Tank.

Each Capsule has a unique hexadecimal ID that appear to be nonconsecutive. These ID's are useful for identifying a dropped Capsule, and distinguishing them within an agent's inventory.

MUFG CapsuleEdit

MUFG Capsule
Category Other
Rarity(s) Very Rare
Version 1.78.0
XM Cost 0 XM
Recycle Value 100 XM

The MUFG Capsule is a sponsored item that bears the name of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.[1] It has identical properties to a standard Capsule, but like its investment-bank patron, it can pay interest in the form of duplicated items.

If the MUFG Capsule contains fewer than 100 items, and the agent's inventory contains fewer than 2000 items, the MUFG will occasionally copy an item stored within and place the copy into itself. The Capsule will not produce an item unless all of these conditions are met. [2]

While the exact algorithm is still being deduced, preliminary research suggests that every 24 hours, each item contained within each valid MUFG Capsule in an agent's inventory has about a 1.0% chance to be duplicated, with the copying occurring simultaneously for every Capsule. The chance of replication has reduced to around 0.1% chance as of (approx) 18th Feb 2016.

The rarity and type of the items appears to be irrelevant, and duplications have been reported for every type of item, including other sponsored items. Capsules which contain more items seem to produce items slightly more often, although duplications have been reported down to a single item in a Capsule. It appears that the owner's gameplay behavior has no effect on duplication.

The smaller the variety of items in the MUFG, the faster the rate at which the items will multiply. Each time the MUFG increases an item count, it does so by selecting one of the 100 slots. Whatever item is in that slot gets added to by one, which is why maintaining a larger item count is suggested. Additionally, the less the item count changes in the MUFG, the greater the rate of multiplication.

The best method of utilizing the MUFG is to think of it as an "investment", given the source of the MUFG itself.

Although the MUFG Capsule is listed as Very Rare, preliminary community studies suggest that it has the same drop rate as a standard Capsule, approximately 1 in 4,000 item rolls.

Because Capsules and MUFG Capsules cannot be placed within other Capsules, they cannot be duplicated. One may be able to create an "Item Factory" of sorts by filling the MUFG with a single type of item.



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