Links are created between Portals using the Portal KeyPortal Key of the distant portal (the key is consumed in the process). Three Links arranged in a triangle create a Control Field Δ. Creating a link gains 313 Access Points (AP).

Creating a LinkEdit

Level Link Range
L 1 160m
L 2 2.560km
L 3 12.96km
L 4 40.96km
L 5 100km
L 6 207.36km
L 7 384.16km
L 8 655.36km

To create a link, the agent must stand within access range of the portal to be linked from, select the portal to view its data, then press the "LINK" option. The scanner will then query the agent's Portal KeyPortal Key library for portals that meet the criteria below. Upon selecting a target portal, its Portal Key is consumed, the link is established, and the AP is earned. The target portal's key may be reacquired later.

Linking follows these rules:

  • Both portals must have 8 Resonators.
  • Both portals must be controlled by the agent's Faction.
  • The target portal must be in range of the start portal, based on the start portal's level. See the table for base ranges, though these can be increased by deploying Link Amp mods to the start portal.
  • A Link cannot cross another Link, regardless of Faction.
  • If the start portal is contained within a Control Field Δ, the only Links possible from that portal are to portals that serve as corners of the containing field.
  • No more than 8 Links can be made starting from a given portal. The 8-Link limit can be increased with the SoftBank Ultra Link mod.[1]
  • No more than 8192 Link can be made to a given portal, regardless of any mods it has.

Range Formula Edit

The range of a portal can be calculated using the following formula:

160 m * (Average of all Resonators Levels ^ 4) * Link Amp Amplification

Example: The following Resonators are deployed: 4xL 3 and 4xL 2 with no Link Amps.

160 m * (((4*3 + 4*2)/8) ^ 4) * 1.0 = 6250 m

When a portal is selected, you will see a "LINK" option, when tapped the scanner will search for portals within range and of which you own the key.

See also: Link Amp#Range Amplification

Destroying a LinkEdit

Destroy an enemy controlled Link by attacking the Resonators that are deployed on the Portals that anchor the Link. For example, firing an XMP to damage a Resonator and reduce its XM health. When the number of Resonators on either Portal of the Link drops below 3, then the Link will fail.


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