Scoring Timeline

Mind Units ( MU) are the primary scoring metric of Ingress. Mind Units represent the population within a Control Field Δ. MU is calculated once at each Check Point for Cell scores every 5 hours and combined into the Global score. However, only Cycle ○ scores (35 checkpoints; 175 hours) will be recorded into global history. If a Control Field covers multiple Cells at a scoring Checkpoint, the MU is divided proportionally between the regional Cells that the Field covers based on the fraction of the area of the Control Field that is in each Cell.


From the Scanner, touch OPS > INTEL to access the Global MU view.

Regional Mind Unit scoringEdit

This competition hinges on maintaining control of those Mind Unit fields through key scoring Checkpoints that happen every 5 hours. Each competition period has a 175 hour duration. If a Control Field is maintained through the Checkpoint time, then those Mind Units are added to that faction's running score in that Cell. The faction with the highest average Mind Unit score at 175 hour Cycle end, wins that Cycle.

The ENL and RES bar charts show the average MU scored during the current 175 hour competition Cycle. This score is not the same as the global MU count shown on the Intel Map, which reflects total MU held at that point in time.

Regional Cell ViewEdit

Each geographic Cell has a unique codename. For example, the Cell in the image above is identified as AM01-CHARLIE-02. Cell codenames currently cannot be nicknamed by Agents.

The ENL and RES bar charts show the the average MU scored during the current 175 hour competition Cycle. This score is an average of the Mind Units that are maintained by each faction through the scoring Checkpoints that occur every 5 hours.

Touching History will show the historical results of Cycles for that particular Cell.

Top AgentsEdit

Touch SEE OTHER AGENTS from the regional Cell view to display the top 50 Agents per faction for the current Cycle and Cell.

The Top Agents are ranked by MU captured during the current Cycle. Only the Agent who creates the third link and completes a Field will receive MU credit toward the Top Agents list. If you created a Field that was destroyed before a Checkpoint measurement, the MU would count toward your Top Agents ranking but not towards the total regional Cell score.

View Other CellsEdit

Touch CELL ACTIVITY to view a list of neighboring Cells that surround the regional Cell in which you are currently located. You can view Cell Activity for nearby Cells, but we don’t currently offer an option to search for or view specific Cells.