Common Multi-hack
Category Portal Mod
Rarity(s) Common

Rare Very Rare

Version 1.28.1
XM Cost Variable
Recycle Value Variable

A Multi-hack is a portal mod.

It allows the portal to be hacked more than four times before the portal burns out (burnouts last for four hours).

XM CostsEdit

Deploying a multi-hack costs XM depending on the rarity of the item:

Rarity XM Cost
Common 400 XM
Rare 800 XM
Very Rare 1000 XM

Extra HacksEdit

A single multi-hack on a portal provides additional burnout resistance as follows:

Deploying one Common multi-hack adds 4 hacks.
Deploying one Rare multi-hack adds 8 hacks.
Deploying one Very Rare multi-hack adds 12 hacks.

Diminishing returns applies when using multiple multi-hacks: the rarest multi-hack provides a full bonus, while all others only provide half, e.g. two Common multi-hacks add 6 burnout resistance instead of 8.


The multi-hack has 3 uses:


Deploy the item onto a portal.


Drop the item for others to retrieve.


Recycling a Common multi-hack will yield 40 XM.
Recycling a Rare multi-hack will yield 80 XM.
Recycling a Very Rare multi-hack will yield 100 XM.