N'zeer is supposedly a weapon like ADA and JARVIS, but it is believed to be much stronger. Word goes it's impossible to drop. A drop rate of even 1 : 45 000 seems unlikely, since we should have dozens of drop reports from around the world in a matter of minutes after the launch of the N'Zeer weapon. Nobody know what the N'Zeer truly is. We can only hope that it can claim linked portals! This would potentially have a massive impact on game mechanics, since it could be used to flip BAFs during anomaly events.

This is all unverified information and this article should be edited when intel about a (yet hypothetical) "N'Zeer weapon" does emerge. We could also just dump this article altogether and create a new one with a more acurate name once we know more about such a weapon. Until then, "This is bullshit, it doesn't exist" is our best bet.

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