Passcodes are codes that can be used to gain AP (Action Points) and items such as, XM (Exotic Matter), Resonators, and XMP Bursters.


Items can vary in level, from level one to five in most instances. The codes can be found in many places such as in game YouTube video updates, as well as the Niantic Investigation Board. Passcodes occur as an Alpha Numeric string in varying lengths.


Ingress passcode entry in game.

Passcode ExamplesEdit

  • resonate6wb48ec4
  • 3ve8sensitivesp8r5s
  • yuri91t


Game UseEdit

Passcodes can be entered via the game in the OPS area using the passcode tab.


Ingress passcode entry Intel Map online.

Intel Map UseEdit

They can also be entered on the Ingress Intel Map online using the passcode link above the location search in the upper right hand corner of the map. Overuse of either of these will result in overheating and a time limit will be set before further use can be had.

External LinksEdit

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