Viewing the Portal Mods deployed on a portal: A Very Rare Portal Shield and a Link Amp

A Portal Mod (short for Portal Modifier, also simply known as Mod) is a type of item that modifies a portal. Six Mods exist, including two sponsored Mods. Most Portal Mods come in Common , Rare , and Very Rare rarities.

Four Portal Mods can be deployed per portal, however, only two can be deployed per agent per portal. Once deployed, a Mod cannot be removed or upgraded, except when attacked by the enemy faction.

Portal Mods are independent of Resonator deployment and Portal level.

Force AmpEdit

Main article: Force Amp

A Force Amp is a Mod that increases the XM loss from a counterattack.

Heat SinkEdit

Main article: Heat Sink

A Heat Sink is a Mod that decreases cooldown time between Hacks and resets the burnout timer for the agent who deployed it.

Link AmpEdit

Main article: Link Amp

A Link Amp is a Mod that increases the maximum outgoing Link length from a portal.


Main article: Multi-hack

A Multi-hack is a Mod that increases the number of times a portal can be Hacked before burnout occurs.

Portal ShieldEdit

Main article: Portal Shield

A Portal Shield is a Mod that mitigates damage from attacks.


Main article: Turret

A Turret is a Mod that increases the probability of a counterattack.