Category Portal Mod
Rarity(s) Rare
Version 1.28.1
XM Cost 800 XM
Recycle Value 80 XM

The turret is a portal mod.

It increases the defense of your portal by affecting its counterattack rate and hit bonus.

Turrets only come with the rarity level Rare . It is unknown if more types will be available in the future.

Attack Rate/Hit Bonus IncreaseEdit

The increase of the portal's attack rate depends on the amount of Turrets deployed:

Turrets Strike Factor Hit Bonus
0 1x 0.0
1 1.5x 0.2
2 1.9x 0.4
3 2.1x 0.6
4 2.2x 0.8


The Turret has 3 uses:


Deploy the item onto a portal.


Drop the item for others to retrieve.


Recycling this item will yield 80 XM.

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